Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's Right... I'mma Get reeeeeal REAL BABY!

Well, here we are, and I am feeling like Doogie Howser right about now, but with much more flava! But it's all good, because I'm glad to finally be getting these thoughts off my mind & out into the Universe! It is really amazing how the continuous thought of a thing can wear you down! I have been saying for years I was going to journal - so I am finally laying down the gauntlet here between me and my thoughts. So here we go ....

For starters, I am going to allow myself to be 'unfettered' here ( to use a legal term). When I have something to say - I'm going to say it... feedback is of course always appreciated, however I must have this sacred place for myself to reveal, disseminate, educate, entertain, and allow the voyers into the stage of my mind! For all who will see these postings, I hope that you grow from my insights, and most of all enjoy them. I am sending this out far and wide, so whether you are a homie from the way back, family member-acquaintence, business contacts, a casual or close personal friend.... this one's for you :-) ...

First, let me say that I, Charisse Randolph (my real nom de guerre or 'war name') am currently being defamed on the internet by a known low-down dirty drug-abusing demon-female that I have never met, nor been in the presence of one Roxanne Grinage. I am close to this woman's son, and have been pushed to the extreme of having to get sworn statements from family members as to her diabolical nature. She has been a menace in her family for years, and even strongly suspected in 2 or three 'mysterious deaths'! So her latest attempt is at gaining 'promotional mileage' by attempting to use her sons internet following by attacking him & people close to him to get attention for her online endeavors.

She specifically is doing it by drudging up false salacious libelous material against ME in a lame attempt to fluster him, and gain attention, ratings and some type of twisted re-dress for some missing or lost items of hers that she accuses me of stealing (although I have never even been in the same state with this woman!) lol. It really is sad folks. But anyhow, this is my first and last address or even MENTION of this person and this situation that I am going to make, but I just have to get this off my chest and counter it with my own personal statement of facts. Those facts being that yes, I have ADVERSELY POSSESSED HOUSES before as it is statutorily LEGAL to do so when a house is ABANDONED. So this is the 'comandeering of empty houses' that is spoken of. Totally legal. Second, I have never been arrested to date for tresspassing. NEVER. So this is an outright LIE. Traffic Warrants (which are UNLAWFUL) are about as deep as that accusation goes. As for anything else she is blabbering, it is all hogwash, and libel. So please folks, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Now.
I can get on with things :-)

In my next post I will start getting into the EXPANDED TRUTH behind the transformation behind my days as an Obama delegate, and how I came to be a REAL, TRUE SOVEREIGN woman standing on the land of the Continental Republic of America, and a Common Law Lawyer!

Stay Tuned... We just gettin' started!

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