Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Saga Continues .... Pt. 2

Ok, so, as promised, (pardon that brief departure from this content! lol) I will continue with my story of political transformation, and phil-o-so-phizing regarding Obama's current woes he is catching.

I was originally exposed to commercial sovereignty known as Redemption Law; a version based on the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC), and full of documents and filings and agencies never before known to me using processes that I could only speculate really existed. This was in 2001. Now again, in 2008 I was re-exposed to the concept of being 'sovereign', but from a far more fundamentally sound perspective. Sovereignty as imparted unto us by our Creator. More commonly known as God given inalienable rights: the laws of the land: common law. These new concepts got me deeper into unpeeling the Bible, but more so as a legal document, and made me understand the whole Christian push as one deeply rooted in the Law.

Now, this also in conjunction with learning the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Do you remember the pledge of allegiance? Remember the part “and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"? This is the Sovereign, REPUBLIC minority that I count myself a part of as a Continental American.(Continental being from the tip of Greenland down to the southern tip of South America) And Please believe – this is a different animal than, and of a very different caste than, a STATUTORY- 14TH AMENDMENT- U.S. CITIZEN. One is in servitude (albeit by deceit), and the other is unconditionally - FREE. Hands down. No offense. (Watch the following video for more on THAT topic!)

I had taken the leap. I had jumped down the rabbit hole.

One must stop here for a re-run of my history lesson, partly at the center of which is the Democratic and Republican debate. NOTE: This is part of the reason why I say that he can keep the CHANGE. This particular 'change' is not a wanted one. And people also need to be alerted to the fact that being in a MIXED WAR with the Government, one can only be suspicious of unfettered 'change'. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN USURPED BY A FOREIGN ENEMY COMBATANT CORPORATION, AND HE HAS BEEN NAMED THE PRESIDENT OF THIS VERY COMPANY.

One must stop here and understand that you have REPUBLIC (rule of law) as a form of government, and then Republican as a political affiliation (conservative, GOP, right wing, neo-con} extremist); (which is QUITE the modern day TWIST on reality). Then you have Democracy (mob rule; demon ran society), as the form of government then you have Democrat the political party (Liberal,left wing,progressive}extremist); so now we have the reality of forms of government being at the root of these political parties; in theory and etymology . So, it’s important here for me to establish a mental distinction as we get further into the Main Stream Media (MSM) anti-Obama arguments; the political parties are nothing more than an immaterial evolutionary, of forms of government gone wild. Mutants.

The real story here is the type of government we have running here NOW; we were created a REPUBLIC form of government, and an enemy has subverted us (by REMAINING UNIDENTIFIED, infiltrating high and key positions, and then duping us into counterproductive agendas) into believing in a DEMOCRATIC form of government where, unbeknownst to us, it’s all about MOB RULE. I mean Look at it… the media tries people right there on tell-lie-vision with Nancy Grace. Like the movies Idiocracy… or Network.

“ Majority rules” is an extension of this concept, whereas Republic rule of law says ‘each man is king of his own castle; in YOUR HOUSE you make the rules; the only law that exists is law by contract. A direct conflict was then put into play under color of law; oh yeah, and just so you know, any ‘law’ that conflicts with the constitution, is in effect no law at all, having no force and effect.” So the only reason these laws have any power over you is because you agree with them. If you don’t, then stop acquiescing. Walk and talk like a free Sovereign man or woman that over-stands, and get yourself un-subject to these unlimited and never ending ‘statutes’ and ‘public policy’ (– not Laws) that your government (that is supposed to be your servant by the way) has placed you under.

So as not to inundate you with detail in one post, I will reserve the conclusion for my next posting ... so until then! Gotta Get Real my people ...

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