Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Saga Continues .... Pt. 2

Ok, so, as promised, (pardon that brief departure from this content! lol) I will continue with my story of political transformation, and phil-o-so-phizing regarding Obama's current woes he is catching.

I was originally exposed to commercial sovereignty known as Redemption Law; a version based on the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC), and full of documents and filings and agencies never before known to me using processes that I could only speculate really existed. This was in 2001. Now again, in 2008 I was re-exposed to the concept of being 'sovereign', but from a far more fundamentally sound perspective. Sovereignty as imparted unto us by our Creator. More commonly known as God given inalienable rights: the laws of the land: common law. These new concepts got me deeper into unpeeling the Bible, but more so as a legal document, and made me understand the whole Christian push as one deeply rooted in the Law.

Now, this also in conjunction with learning the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Do you remember the pledge of allegiance? Remember the part “and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"? This is the Sovereign, REPUBLIC minority that I count myself a part of as a Continental American.(Continental being from the tip of Greenland down to the southern tip of South America) And Please believe – this is a different animal than, and of a very different caste than, a STATUTORY- 14TH AMENDMENT- U.S. CITIZEN. One is in servitude (albeit by deceit), and the other is unconditionally - FREE. Hands down. No offense. (Watch the following video for more on THAT topic!)

I had taken the leap. I had jumped down the rabbit hole.

One must stop here for a re-run of my history lesson, partly at the center of which is the Democratic and Republican debate. NOTE: This is part of the reason why I say that he can keep the CHANGE. This particular 'change' is not a wanted one. And people also need to be alerted to the fact that being in a MIXED WAR with the Government, one can only be suspicious of unfettered 'change'. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN USURPED BY A FOREIGN ENEMY COMBATANT CORPORATION, AND HE HAS BEEN NAMED THE PRESIDENT OF THIS VERY COMPANY.

One must stop here and understand that you have REPUBLIC (rule of law) as a form of government, and then Republican as a political affiliation (conservative, GOP, right wing, neo-con} extremist); (which is QUITE the modern day TWIST on reality). Then you have Democracy (mob rule; demon ran society), as the form of government then you have Democrat the political party (Liberal,left wing,progressive}extremist); so now we have the reality of forms of government being at the root of these political parties; in theory and etymology . So, it’s important here for me to establish a mental distinction as we get further into the Main Stream Media (MSM) anti-Obama arguments; the political parties are nothing more than an immaterial evolutionary, of forms of government gone wild. Mutants.

The real story here is the type of government we have running here NOW; we were created a REPUBLIC form of government, and an enemy has subverted us (by REMAINING UNIDENTIFIED, infiltrating high and key positions, and then duping us into counterproductive agendas) into believing in a DEMOCRATIC form of government where, unbeknownst to us, it’s all about MOB RULE. I mean Look at it… the media tries people right there on tell-lie-vision with Nancy Grace. Like the movies Idiocracy… or Network.

“ Majority rules” is an extension of this concept, whereas Republic rule of law says ‘each man is king of his own castle; in YOUR HOUSE you make the rules; the only law that exists is law by contract. A direct conflict was then put into play under color of law; oh yeah, and just so you know, any ‘law’ that conflicts with the constitution, is in effect no law at all, having no force and effect.” So the only reason these laws have any power over you is because you agree with them. If you don’t, then stop acquiescing. Walk and talk like a free Sovereign man or woman that over-stands, and get yourself un-subject to these unlimited and never ending ‘statutes’ and ‘public policy’ (– not Laws) that your government (that is supposed to be your servant by the way) has placed you under.

So as not to inundate you with detail in one post, I will reserve the conclusion for my next posting ... so until then! Gotta Get Real my people ...

Friday, May 22, 2009



The main man Q-Tip brought it the FULLEST! All my grown folk will definitely appreciate this one! I say COP THIS if you haven't already! I am totally impressed and proud of the generational contribution of one of our brightest stars from the way back! GO 'HEAD Q-TIP.... REPRESENT FOR THE OLD-HIP-HOP SCHOOL!

Q-TIP - New Music Video - Man Woman Boogie

Monday, May 18, 2009


Main Stream Media (MSM) Anti-Obama arguments are really 100 years worth of illuminated stew that’s been brewing
Pt. 1

This is what u call TOO EXCITED!

First and foremost I feel the need to address a big pink elephant in my room, and it is rooted in the fact that I was a rather ACTIVE Obama delegate (was one of the first volunteers in Las Vegas, was a precinct Leader, spoke at a rally in June '07, met him and Michelle along the way and had a campaign Highlight Video done about me and my support of now President Obama), and have experienced an AWAKENING and had a shift in my ideology, well lifestyle really. See, after Obama won the nomination, I crashed and burned and took some pretty good losses. I really was not active at all in the general election and basically disappeared from the campaign scene. But at the onset of my disappearance I also spent more time on my personal studies, and ended up having a personal experience with the "Age Of Aquarius"! Knowledge wisdom and understanding was poured (and still is pouring) upon me!

Yep, that's right. NOTE: I will make these what I'll call 'mid-NOTES' that will briefly expound on a mid-thought subject that is mentioned, where I want to add some more detail for your enhanced Get Real experience! lol. So anyway, NOTE: the note is that for all my Bible Thumpers (meant neutrally) out there, there was a MAJOR transliteration in the Bible, where WORLD was put forth instead of the word AGE. So what we have are people believing in something called Armegeddon based on mis-information! The Bible does not speak of the end of the World, but rather the end of an AGE. We are going now from the Picean age (the fish) into the Age of Aquarius. So let that 'end of the world' one go for now.

So anyway, I'm absorbing and learning, and about the common law (I uncovered a foreclosure technique that involved the practice, and started exploring it more while securing back up in this area to implement the technique). My knowledge grew in this area, and I got re-exposed to the concept and practice of personal SOVEREIGNTY. This is the crucial turning point as far as an ideological shift is concerned. Let me say that this represents not just a philosophical or an ideological shift, but it is rather much deeper; it is a lifestyle choice...

So to simplify the start of this thing, I will say that my relationship with Obama has gone from a personal one, to one that sees only THE SEAT he sits in. THIS is the basis of how I see things in relation to him. In the next blog entry, I will get into sovereignty and how it changed my outlook on society, as well as the very politics I had thrust myself into ...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Redman is BACK with Meth on AYO!

redman method man ayo
The dynamic duo is back representin' on this new track that is classic and signature of this team, while still deliverin' a bangin' headbanger! Hey look, any rapper in THIS day and age that can still manage to stay socially relevant while lyrically saying something A'la Method Man, has GOT to be given props! And Red is ALWAYS good for the Hip-Hop comedic relief per usual!

So Peep their new vid, and whatever you think, I'm sure Redman would say "I'll BEE DAT"!

Oh Yeah...Side Notes, and Dedicated to Warm Friends Both Old & New

A couple other things I failed to mention in my inaugural post :-) , and it's 1, that I will also play musical host! So when you come to the page you may hear tunes, so if you wanna kill the sound, just scroll to the bottom of the page and 'pause' it and it will stop :-). But on the real, I am going to be doing some music reviews of the new stuff popular and obscure, connecting you to vid's, stories, celebrity tid-bits and all those things that I find intriguing from various news sources both mainstream and alternative. An just for the record, when my memory is jumpin' I have a very good ear for music! lol. So you can check my musical playlists and archives for some serious ear candy!

Ok, now the other thing is a footnote to the Roxanne post: if anyone saw her material, she challenged me to a debate. LOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION ROXANNE: THERE WILL BE NO DEBATE. SO KILL IT. AAhmm (clearing my throat). Ok, now. I can continue.

You know, I am blessed to have someone in my life who NEVER fails to show me things from a different point of view, and you know it's amazing how although we have emotional reactions to things, we ALWAYS MAKE A CHOICE as to how we REACT to the situation or thing. Now, my initial response to the Roxanne thing was one of pure vitriolic despise that just spawned all other types of stress producing, muscle tension causing LIVIDNESS. As I'm sure you can imagine, upon discovering such an attack against one's character...especially when very active in online activities and communities as well as business. But my better half calmly reminded me that to ignore a thing takes away it's pleasure, objective and ENERGY. It makes the perpetrator suffer when they don't get the attention they crave; when you don't FEED IT/THEM.... and he knew this was just the case with her - from a long history of experience in enduring her wrath.

So I say all that to say, it may seem odd for me to put something like this 'out there' for further public consumption, but the truth and the reality of the matter is, that false claims happen to people everyday. I am not unique in this experience. I know better than to allow negativity to penetrate or rule me. She nor it has any power over me. Roxanne Grinage has no real influence or credibility with anyone I know, or who knows me, and last but certainly not least, people like this 'Roxanne' character only serve to let you know who your REAL PEEPS ARE. Because anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a malicious person. As a citizen-slave I violated a statute or two in my day, but hey - who hasn't - only difference between the two is some get caught and others don't.

It also brings a heightened significance to me in the reconnecting that is going on with me and soooooo many people from my past! It makes me so full, as it it has been a comfort to me to be given the gift of people who knew and loved me as a youth... my formative years, my roots. People I had lost contact with, but who I am ecstatic to speak with again as people who have all blossomed into beautiful souls! And for those not so much in alignment any more, it is good to know that they are doing well, and to hear their voices and see their new spouses and kids...we did share a former life in common. So here's to all my friends, both old and new, much love and I appreciate knowing you :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's Right... I'mma Get reeeeeal REAL BABY!

Well, here we are, and I am feeling like Doogie Howser right about now, but with much more flava! But it's all good, because I'm glad to finally be getting these thoughts off my mind & out into the Universe! It is really amazing how the continuous thought of a thing can wear you down! I have been saying for years I was going to journal - so I am finally laying down the gauntlet here between me and my thoughts. So here we go ....

For starters, I am going to allow myself to be 'unfettered' here ( to use a legal term). When I have something to say - I'm going to say it... feedback is of course always appreciated, however I must have this sacred place for myself to reveal, disseminate, educate, entertain, and allow the voyers into the stage of my mind! For all who will see these postings, I hope that you grow from my insights, and most of all enjoy them. I am sending this out far and wide, so whether you are a homie from the way back, family member-acquaintence, business contacts, a casual or close personal friend.... this one's for you :-) ...

First, let me say that I, Charisse Randolph (my real nom de guerre or 'war name') am currently being defamed on the internet by a known low-down dirty drug-abusing demon-female that I have never met, nor been in the presence of one Roxanne Grinage. I am close to this woman's son, and have been pushed to the extreme of having to get sworn statements from family members as to her diabolical nature. She has been a menace in her family for years, and even strongly suspected in 2 or three 'mysterious deaths'! So her latest attempt is at gaining 'promotional mileage' by attempting to use her sons internet following by attacking him & people close to him to get attention for her online endeavors.

She specifically is doing it by drudging up false salacious libelous material against ME in a lame attempt to fluster him, and gain attention, ratings and some type of twisted re-dress for some missing or lost items of hers that she accuses me of stealing (although I have never even been in the same state with this woman!) lol. It really is sad folks. But anyhow, this is my first and last address or even MENTION of this person and this situation that I am going to make, but I just have to get this off my chest and counter it with my own personal statement of facts. Those facts being that yes, I have ADVERSELY POSSESSED HOUSES before as it is statutorily LEGAL to do so when a house is ABANDONED. So this is the 'comandeering of empty houses' that is spoken of. Totally legal. Second, I have never been arrested to date for tresspassing. NEVER. So this is an outright LIE. Traffic Warrants (which are UNLAWFUL) are about as deep as that accusation goes. As for anything else she is blabbering, it is all hogwash, and libel. So please folks, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Now.
I can get on with things :-)

In my next post I will start getting into the EXPANDED TRUTH behind the transformation behind my days as an Obama delegate, and how I came to be a REAL, TRUE SOVEREIGN woman standing on the land of the Continental Republic of America, and a Common Law Lawyer!

Stay Tuned... We just gettin' started!