Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ok, I think a lot of us guessed it - NOT GUILTY. I knew it. On my end the speculation of the "reality" of this murder was in HIGH QUESTION. Up to and including speculation that this was an "initiation killing" for some secret society. Let's remember the father of Zimmerman is a JUDGE. This cannot be too much taken into consideration. Now the reason I mention this speculation, is because with this verdict it brings forth the efficacy of the PROSECUTIONS case: it seems to have been THROWN by an ineffective prosecutorial effort that is supposed to now be perceived as "incompetent" enough to NOT be able to secure a guilty verdict for a stone cold murderer..... "????"..."HUH"??? Yeah, okay. This was a cover-up from the jump within this circle of white people.

Their ONE relevant fact here that we need look at, was failed to be emphasized enough - clearly - and THAT is the FACT that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN STALKED TREYVON MARTIN! PERIOD! I believe that this prosecutorial team threw this case. Period. There was evidence they entered that they NEVER REFERENCED! This was an open and shut case of murder, yet they allowed this easy task to slip through their fingers. This is deeper than what is meeting the eye here. Even in SELF-DEFENSE, this is a case of EXCESSIVE FORCE when you have an UNARMED TEEN being shot at pretty much POINT BLANK RANGE, by a fake-ass "neighborhood-watch-captain" who was ARMED and never IDENTIFIED HIMSELF as a "security guy" NOR that he was ARMED! This was a sham proceeding folks. I am feeling like I did when I was watching the Carolina Panther Ray Carruth murder trial... "I know I could have argued this case and won". UNDERSTAND THIS BLACK PEOPLE: the laws worked as has been pointed out on Harris-Perry's show; we are just coming to the reality that laws are not designed to have outcomes that are MORALLLY or SOCIALLY sensitive or correct. White people now have permission to be scared of blacks so much so to legally pull a trigger. ... and they want us to DISARM ourselves..... HA!

Okay self defense it is. But now, I think white folks have a REAL reason to now FEAR black people, because NOW it is "okay" to carry guns, and FEAR is justifiable reason to kill, and who has MORE REASON TO FEAR WHO, than a black man fearing a white man with a gun. The new message is I AM SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLY SCARED OF YOU. That is now ample justification for KILLING SOMEONE. I hope that the murderous, warmongering segment of the population of whites that keeps senseless killing BLACK PEOPLE, are now equipped to deal with the fact that they have now created the very environment that they have been feigning fear of all this time..... BLACK PEOPLE MOLESTING THEM in some ill way. NOW you have succeeded in creating an environment where BLACK PEOPLE now have reason to be SCARED OF YOU! How does that feel?

But let me PROgress, and speak to where we are now. I am already hearing EMMIT TILL, MEDGAR EVERS and other slain black men's names that have gone down in the annals of civil rights history as MURDERED, WITH their killers STANDING TRIAL, and being ACQUITTED. Here is where I want to interject the larger societal dynamic of BLACK DEAD YOUTH in light of WHITE FEAR vs BLACK ON BLACK CRIME. Ok America, the bottom line is we got gun legislation getting co-mingled with mental health issues that are designed to disarm BLACKS as they give themselves permission to murder us in cold blood on the streets. They have now turned the argument into, "we don't care about the value of our own lives because there is NO PUBLIC OUTCRY AT OUR OWN CHILDREN KILLING OTHER INNOCENT CHILDREN! When are we going to STOP BEING CHRISTIAN STEP AND FETCH IT HYPOCRITES and continue to fail to HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE FOR MASSIVE LOSS OF LIFE??? It is embarassing that these Zimmerman's can even POINT at us and make the point that our lives are worthless because we kill our own selves with blatant disregard. I can't argue that point. Sadly. Read on...

This is deep folks. MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry has brought to our attention the concept of IMPLICIT RACISM; Harvard tests online for it and everything. We have the tendency to be unconscious of racial bias, ACROSS RACIAL LINES. Nothing highlights this more clearly than the question "why are we not this angry over black youth killing each other?". Do WE find it more socially acceptable for blacks to be killing blacks than whites? This is a social mental psychosis at it's height. Zimmermans brother even alluded to this idea that there is no outcry when all the murders happen in if that justifies his punk-ass brother killing Treyvon. I am not excusing Zimmerman WHATSOEVER. I am just IRATE AT THE ENTIRE DYNAMIC. Whites getting away with it, and US not holding OUR OWN ACCOUNTABLE FOR KILLING ONE ANOTHER! We must take a serious LEAD on this mental health revolution, and get OURSELVES to a point in our own communities, where we finally CONNECT THE DOTS on POVERTY, MENTAL HEALTH AND GUN VIOLENCE!!!!!! And we have got to DO better now that we KNOW better: white people are not going to STOP being WHITE overnight. hey are still not adequately CLUED IN on the plight of the black man and woman. They do not have to be. They are the recessive dominant culture, and as long as we keep ACTING LIKE THE MINORITY, we are going to continue to be treated like MINOROTIES. And the minority position has done NOTHING TO SERVE THE BLACK COMMUNITY, but rather has served to DILUTE our issues into a quagmire of entitlement programs benefitting other culture groups, and leaving our concerns, largely, on the proverbial shelf.

So now comes the part about the exhuming of a nation; CAN WE FINALLY NOW SEE THAT THIS SYSTEM IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE TO SUIT US? Ever heard of an ALL BLACK JURY? Let alone one condemning a white man to prison for murdering a black man? Right. Non-existent. Please somebody reach out to me if there is an example of this that I am overlooking... Black president OR NOT, White America has still got their foot so deep in our neck holding us down we can't speak out, and are just about decapitated....but holding out hope... I want to interject at this juncture in American jurisprudence, that we take a SERIOUS LOOK at the fact that we need to learn our REAL CULTURE here on this land. We need take the time to begin to see ourselves as a CULTURAL NATION of people, whereby re-inserting ourselves into the Human family. It is a KNOWN FACT, that our nationality, here on THIS LAND, is that of a MOOR or MUUR. Our images grace Italian flags to this very day. Our NATIONALITY here is that of a MOORISH-AMERICAN. We are the only group of people to be labeled as STATELESS PERSONS and REFUGEES during a natural disaster... when are we going to wake up and realize that our power is in our NUMBERS. And we have got to wake up to a REAL harnessing of our collective power for better treatment. I urge people to check out the MOORISH AMERICAN political party, as well as the Washitaw Empire, along with the various Moorish factions alive across the country. We must come together as a nationality to push back against all that is coming against us. Our laws supersede these corporate de facto policies that erroneously rule us today. Laws that we see are CLEARLY FAILING US, to the point of EXTINCTION! We gotta raise our flag guys.... We just gotta do it...

google PRINCE WHIPPLE.... he is the MOOR who schooled George Washington. We ran this place as Moors before they colonized on top of us! So it is time to start taking up the banner of our nationality and stand together on these social issues that impact us so greatly, and start holding people accountable to our community if we are going to get involved with politics and be casting votes. We need to do it as a collective voice so that OUR ISSUES GET ADDRESSED on a national level. Enough is Enough ...

Reesie The Realest