Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Yeah...Side Notes, and Dedicated to Warm Friends Both Old & New

A couple other things I failed to mention in my inaugural post :-) , and it's 1, that I will also play musical host! So when you come to the page you may hear tunes, so if you wanna kill the sound, just scroll to the bottom of the page and 'pause' it and it will stop :-). But on the real, I am going to be doing some music reviews of the new stuff popular and obscure, connecting you to vid's, stories, celebrity tid-bits and all those things that I find intriguing from various news sources both mainstream and alternative. An just for the record, when my memory is jumpin' I have a very good ear for music! lol. So you can check my musical playlists and archives for some serious ear candy!

Ok, now the other thing is a footnote to the Roxanne post: if anyone saw her material, she challenged me to a debate. LOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION ROXANNE: THERE WILL BE NO DEBATE. SO KILL IT. AAhmm (clearing my throat). Ok, now. I can continue.

You know, I am blessed to have someone in my life who NEVER fails to show me things from a different point of view, and you know it's amazing how although we have emotional reactions to things, we ALWAYS MAKE A CHOICE as to how we REACT to the situation or thing. Now, my initial response to the Roxanne thing was one of pure vitriolic despise that just spawned all other types of stress producing, muscle tension causing LIVIDNESS. As I'm sure you can imagine, upon discovering such an attack against one's character...especially when very active in online activities and communities as well as business. But my better half calmly reminded me that to ignore a thing takes away it's pleasure, objective and ENERGY. It makes the perpetrator suffer when they don't get the attention they crave; when you don't FEED IT/THEM.... and he knew this was just the case with her - from a long history of experience in enduring her wrath.

So I say all that to say, it may seem odd for me to put something like this 'out there' for further public consumption, but the truth and the reality of the matter is, that false claims happen to people everyday. I am not unique in this experience. I know better than to allow negativity to penetrate or rule me. She nor it has any power over me. Roxanne Grinage has no real influence or credibility with anyone I know, or who knows me, and last but certainly not least, people like this 'Roxanne' character only serve to let you know who your REAL PEEPS ARE. Because anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a malicious person. As a citizen-slave I violated a statute or two in my day, but hey - who hasn't - only difference between the two is some get caught and others don't.

It also brings a heightened significance to me in the reconnecting that is going on with me and soooooo many people from my past! It makes me so full, as it it has been a comfort to me to be given the gift of people who knew and loved me as a youth... my formative years, my roots. People I had lost contact with, but who I am ecstatic to speak with again as people who have all blossomed into beautiful souls! And for those not so much in alignment any more, it is good to know that they are doing well, and to hear their voices and see their new spouses and kids...we did share a former life in common. So here's to all my friends, both old and new, much love and I appreciate knowing you :-)

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