Monday, May 18, 2009


Main Stream Media (MSM) Anti-Obama arguments are really 100 years worth of illuminated stew that’s been brewing
Pt. 1

This is what u call TOO EXCITED!

First and foremost I feel the need to address a big pink elephant in my room, and it is rooted in the fact that I was a rather ACTIVE Obama delegate (was one of the first volunteers in Las Vegas, was a precinct Leader, spoke at a rally in June '07, met him and Michelle along the way and had a campaign Highlight Video done about me and my support of now President Obama), and have experienced an AWAKENING and had a shift in my ideology, well lifestyle really. See, after Obama won the nomination, I crashed and burned and took some pretty good losses. I really was not active at all in the general election and basically disappeared from the campaign scene. But at the onset of my disappearance I also spent more time on my personal studies, and ended up having a personal experience with the "Age Of Aquarius"! Knowledge wisdom and understanding was poured (and still is pouring) upon me!

Yep, that's right. NOTE: I will make these what I'll call 'mid-NOTES' that will briefly expound on a mid-thought subject that is mentioned, where I want to add some more detail for your enhanced Get Real experience! lol. So anyway, NOTE: the note is that for all my Bible Thumpers (meant neutrally) out there, there was a MAJOR transliteration in the Bible, where WORLD was put forth instead of the word AGE. So what we have are people believing in something called Armegeddon based on mis-information! The Bible does not speak of the end of the World, but rather the end of an AGE. We are going now from the Picean age (the fish) into the Age of Aquarius. So let that 'end of the world' one go for now.

So anyway, I'm absorbing and learning, and about the common law (I uncovered a foreclosure technique that involved the practice, and started exploring it more while securing back up in this area to implement the technique). My knowledge grew in this area, and I got re-exposed to the concept and practice of personal SOVEREIGNTY. This is the crucial turning point as far as an ideological shift is concerned. Let me say that this represents not just a philosophical or an ideological shift, but it is rather much deeper; it is a lifestyle choice...

So to simplify the start of this thing, I will say that my relationship with Obama has gone from a personal one, to one that sees only THE SEAT he sits in. THIS is the basis of how I see things in relation to him. In the next blog entry, I will get into sovereignty and how it changed my outlook on society, as well as the very politics I had thrust myself into ...

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