Monday, July 20, 2009

JIGGA EXPOSED! Leaves Godaughter & her father in the projects!

Ok, if you haven't already heard, Jay-Z was outed in '07 by a former close friend named Dehaven. This guy has been named by Jay-Z as being the one who "put him on". Now, as the story goes, Dehaven was like a brother to J, and is named as being the GODFATHER to the man's child! Now, I am putting this out there, so that people can CUT DOWN ON THE IDOL WORSHIP!!! These rappers are not only being proven to be FAKE in their lyrics and careers, but now we get to see the side that shows them to be of POOR MORAL CHARACTER, and definite ABANDONERS of close friends that had their back before they were famous.

So it looks like your man J-Hovah is being outed by this personal friend who knows a lot more about J-Hove than his most loyal STAN would want to know! Enjoy the following links to get the COMPLETE STORY as told in 07 by New York Magazine... THE START OF an EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE ABOUT YOUR BOY JIGGA!

Dehaven's first Youtube vids OUTING J-Z

Dehaven Online Interview

UPDATE: 06/09
Dehaven's DIS RECORD respondng to JZ's D.O.A. record
It's on now boy!

What say You??

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