Friday, June 12, 2009


Now this is when the rabbit hole starts getting deep. I start learning about the truth of the Federal Reserve, how the US Gov’t gave away their DELEGATED AUTHORITY TO MINT MONEY over to the Federal Reserve via the Federal Reserve Act… just gave it away. I found out that the Federal Reserve is a private company. How they use fractional reserve banking to over-“loan” fiat currency that is worthless and backed by nothing, to governments to ECONOMICALLY ENSLAVE the people! How we have literally been mortgaged by our government by our birth certificates to foreign interests (national deficit mean anything?) That “loans” as we know them are in actuality not lent by the big bankers, but rather OUR SELVES. Money is actually CREATED BY OUR OWN SIGNATURE on the “loan” documents, and they turn around and MONETIZE those documents; never “loaning” us one red cent; “loaning” us our own credit… our own money. I learned that all the laws that the government holds us to, are only over us by OUR OWN CHOICE. We are volunteer servants of a DE FACTO, ENEMY Government, that usurped us over 100 years ago through economic TERRORISM. Tricked into contracting with this government under undisclosed terms of INVISIBLE CONTRACTS when they offer a so called benefit of some sort. So we are in effect voluntary servants by deception… every time you give up that signature… when you APPLY… REGISTER…. SUBMIT… these are all sign posts that you have just entered into contract with them, and agreeing to their ‘14th amendment citizen status’.

I learned about all the false-flag operations that have taken us into some of our biggest battles and wars. How government promulgates religious antagonistic-dogma, while holding her citizens blindly in bondage. How because of past historical socio-ideological battles, that some parties never got over, we have come to a state of MIXED WAR with our own government. I have found out that FLOURIDE was declared a POISON in the 1970's and it is fed to us in TOOTHPASTE to combine with the MERCURY in the water to poison us. That with the nutra-sweet/sucralose/aspartame/splenda (invented by Donald Rumsfeld, sound familiar?) they are poisoning our BRAIN NEURONS, along with the TOWERS emitting brain wave impulses to controal our minds in conjunction with the NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (you know, you TV PROGRAM?) we are bombarded with on tell-lie-vision and print media. So you see, it is no longer the same sentiment working in our government, servants of the people, as when the founding fathers created it. No indeed. A hostile and foreign entity has infiltrated us at our highest levels of authority and is driving us off a cliff… all while we sit in the passenger seat cheering the action.

In ReesiesWorld, this is the government that President Obama has branded with his face… loveable face that it is. It's all contrived; a dog and pony show. As much as I know you hate to hear that... I hated to discover it. This is also where I will make my public confession – I cried the night Obama was elected. That’s right I cried, but not for the same reason all the other supporters were crying. No indeed. I cried rather, because I didn’t want to enter into contract with the US Government by voting. I did not want to surrender my Continental Republic American standing to vote in a dog and pony show. I did not want to sign the voter rolls, whereby creating another "slave-contract" so hence, I could not vote. So there you have it; I didn’t vote. That’s right, I said it, I didn’t vote for the man I campaigned for, in an election cycle where I caucused and was a delegate to the state convention. I didn’t vote, and I cried. Just like the rest of America that night, but for far different reasons. I cried because I could not be happy that this stellar man had achieved a pinnacle of success. Could not self-respectingly be happy for ‘the black guy’ this time (The race card got thrown out of this deck too; race can no longer be relevant like it is today if we are to achieve longevity as the Human species). My fiance’ (now my husband) reminded me over the phone from NY, that if I voted, I would be re-contracting with them (Corp. U.S.) at a time when I am unraveling all my contracts. That voter roll was rampant with terms both disclosed and undisclosed, that I knew I wanted no part of. I knew I would be compromising my standing in law by doing so. So I did not. I was amidst my heartbreak … and I too cried the night Obama was elected.

Fast forward to right now today… 2009. I am launching this offensive in large part because I see a destructive media tactic taking place here, where THE MAN, without the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT is being placed under a microscope for attack. This one singular man Barack Obama has not single handedly created this fiasco; although he must be held accountable for being the one furthering an adverse agenda, and he has also enacted some macaabe actions thus far (firing up 800 FEMA CAMPS, saying he would NOT disclose to us extra terrestrial information if they were NOT BENEVOLENT ie HOSTILE, upholding RENDITIONS and single handedly actually under-mining the constitution by wanting to DIS-ARM YOU among other insidious comments that no one picked up on because we have NEVER EVEN READ THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION!), just to name a few). Where is all the finger pointing to the entire cast of characters going back this whole 100 years, that have played into this script in one way or another? Why isn't anybody questioning JESUIT INVOLVMENT; as they are PUBLICLY PROCLAIMED ENEMIES (as per congressional record). The way this thing really reads is, Obama has some very old controversial heads and associations behind him; Kissinger… Brezinski, Boule, CFR, Illuminati, Bilderberg to name a few. But hey, the man is just doing his job! The real issue is that the public is HUGELY UNAWARE OF THE NATURE OF THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT, and its status today. The United States is a FOREIGN CORPORATION WITH RESPECT TO THE STATE. Period. This is where the depth of the rabbit hole begins to be felt.

This is not a COUNTRY any more, but A GOVERNMENT. This national debt has stripped us of our dignity, respect and our nationhood, and we don't even realize it. Our REPUBLIC status has been compromised into A DEMOCRACY, which we have been sold a bill of goods on, like it is a good thing; it however is NOT. Because of this irresponsible, unconscienable debt our presecessors got us into, we have literally been sold up the river by a fiduciary servant we gave power of attorney to, who has gone around the world muddying our good name and CREDIT, ruining our standing, reputation and economic position in this world today. THIS my friends is what has been done to us unsuspecting "citizens" by our own silently overthrown government. See the TRILATERAL COMMISSION is the modern day alliance of historical CONQUERORS OF THIS COUNTRY! Check into it... the VATICAN, BRITISH CROWN AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENT have a three way menage-a'trois RAPE going on with us, AND WE ARE THE RETARDED RAPE VICTIM. Ugly picture, but true nonetheless.

Now, I'm not gonna be like all these conspiracy "theorists" because quite frankly, these are no longer theories, but FACTS. They generally tend to just paint a bleak picture, WITH NO SOLUTION! That is the mark of DIS-INFO AGENTS. What I will put forth is a solution that we ALL CAN USE, BECAUSE PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL NOT COME RUNNING AND BE THERE WHEN YOU GET ARRESTED AND PLACED IN A CAMP UNDER MARTIAL LAW. No, he won't. The only person/people who will be dealing with YOUR REALITY is YOU and your FAMILY. So the REAL ANSWER, is to EMPOWER YOURSELVES WITH THE TRUE LAWS OF THIS LAND: COMMON LAW! This is the last vestige of control that we the people honestly have. STOP ALLOWING CORPRATOCRACY AND IT'S HENCHMEN HARASS, BILL, CHARGE AND JAIL YOU! DEBTORS PRISON IS BACK FOLKS, (remember tha traffic ticket?) and as long as you are STATE PROPERTY (drivers license anyone?) this government OWNS YOU, AND WILL TREAT YOU HOWEVER THEY WANT. This is the reason for so much grief. Corporations have no feelings or emotions, and areonly driven by THE PROFIT MARGIN, WITH NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE. And THAT folks, is what is running this GOVERNMENT; NOT Country.

The REAL AMERICA, is FULL of people like me! lol. Now,most have been white up to this point, but a growing sweel of black folk, who are intelligent and no longer going for the okie doke are coming into. We have been slaves the longest, so it stands to reason that we would be among the /first to identify FREEDOM, where it is, and how to get it. That is the mission and life I have taken up. Daunting as it may be, the more of us who take up THE LAW, and start implementing the AFFIDAVIT in matters where LIES and FRAUD are controlling your fate. STOP allowing this ECONOMIC SLAVERY SYSTEM get you down, and learn about your PRIVATE SIDE that they never told you existed (other than the phrase "all debts public and private"). THIS is the way to freedom. The bible says we have sold ourselves for nothing, and we shall be redeemed without money". This is what day and time it is folks.

These factors compounded over a growing new knowledge base thrusted me fully into the reality of being Sovereign. Hell, if all the world is a stage, then I wanted to play a NEW PART. I no longer wanted to be ravaged by this system. I can't tell you how many times I have been to jail for a TRAFFIC TICKET because at the time I was too broke, and too prideful to ask for help. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Then society turns around and places a negative stigma on it, so none of us talk about how we felt "innocently" incarcerated after arriving there to be placed among even more negatively percieved "criminals" like pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers, and then among REAL CRIMINALS who have HARMED PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY. No place for a person that got a de facto, unlawful traffic ticket. PUBLIC POLICY IS NOT LAW! Especially not to those who have invoked their PRIVATE STATUS. And so this was the new world that I had made the decision to be a part of ... PRIVATE CREDITOR TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. I have taken up my rightful status "in this society, on this earth, in this day, and will be treated as a human being, respected as a human being, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

So you see, I have a very informed choise to embrace all the new positions that I have come into the knowledge of. This is not anything that Ihave taken lightly, as I developed some of the best associations with great people as a result of being a part of that campaign, but alas I have to admit that I did not vet this man personally before I lent my support. I too was blinded by the selective light that was shed on this man. I too took the bait like a standard American that put absolutely NO DUE DILIGENCE into finding out anything other than media and propaganda COMING FROM THEIR OWN CAMP! lol. As I look back, I find it AMAZING how so many of us fell hook line and sinker without looking intently into anything other than what was fed to us through the mainstream media. We are CONTROLLED SHEOPLE folks. Unplesant reality that it is... I have chosen RESPONSIBILITY over IRRESPONSIBILITY for myself, and my actions.

For more information about things I am speaking of, COMMON LAW & SOVEREIGNTY, or to be a part of a ministry that respects the BLACK SHEEP, and TRUTH in all its forms, send a request for invite to a private online community where you can see all the things spoken of here... ... they are BRINGING IT!

Good luck, thanks for reading, and GET INFORMED!

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